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about me & testimonials

A love for the past, family stories and close roots has instilled a curiosity of my own genealogy. I began researching my own family in my teens. This grew to building a business where I can help others reconnect with their ancestors or lost family connections spanning the globe. 


I wholeheartedly recommend Heather Brewster, she has been a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful and has taken me step by step through the stages needed to uncover as much as possible about my great Aunt.

Louise Anderson

East Sussex, England


I hired Heather to research my family in Scotland, particularly the Orkney Islands,  because I was traveling there for the first time and really wanted to know where my family lived.  I had done some searching on my own, but as time went on, I knew I needed professional help or I would arrive there without any knowledge.  Not only was I impressed with her work, she delighted me by finding a cousin who welcomed my husband and I into his home when we got there. Heather called me frequently when she found some history of interest, and even called my cousin to be certain he was the relative she thought he was.  She prepared excellent documents that went with me on my trip, and I was able to find my Grandmothers home, a short walk outside of Kirkwall, Orkney.  I highly recommend Heather as a researcher, and kind companion when you are searching for your "roots".

Sandra Hayes-Gardiner

Calgary, Alberta


After extensive research on my own, I decided to seek professional assistance from Heather in tracing a long lost uncle who emigrated in 1929 to Canada. I even traveled to Canada myself and came up against a brick wall. However with assistance from Heather all the details were sourced of " Uncle Robert's" life in Canada. Highly recommended.

Douglas Crozier
Galston, Scotland


In 2015 I required a family back ground search. I called on Brewster's Genealogy Service's to do the work. I was more than pleased with the results. Heather carried out the search in a thorough, professional manner. The results were completed and compiled in an organized fashion and explained clearly to me. I received the results quickly and the rates were very reasonable. I would highly recommend Brewster's Genealogy Services for any genealogy needs.


W. Harding

Pilot Mound, Manitoba.